Company Representation

One of our main profiles are the legal representation of the business associations and non-profit organizations, which can be availed by our clients either by discounted flat-rate or by temporary commissions respectively.

Predominantly we get assignments from the area of Budapest and Csongrád county, in which we provide services to numerous companies. For a company it is of utmost importance to operate in line with provisions of law currently in force and to have an up-to-date overview of those, by which much energy and money can be spared, and by doing so promoting more efficient operation of a company.

Labour Law

We provide legal counseling on regular basis to employees and employers represented by our office as well as to companies, local councils, state institutions and government agencies in relation to legal problems.

Whether you appeal to our office as an employer or as an employee we are going to help you. If your workplace is terminated (resignation, termination without notice, termination by mutual consent), or problems arising from holiday leave, severance pay, or any other problem in connection with Labour Law we undertake your legal counsel at courts as well as at out-of-court proceedings.

We undertake completion and provide expert opinion of labour contracts, study contracts or any other labour contract.

Real Property Law

Our office provides full services to our Clients as far as sales, donation, barter or any other kind of contracts are concerned. Furthermore we provide legal services in connection with mortgage and real-estate registration procedure.

Our real estate property services include inter alia legal counseling, drafting documents, real-estate registration procedure (title deed transfer procedure, legal representation at real estate authorities), furthermore the legal representation at National Tax and Customs Administration is also included in the service.